paint by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi paint

Is in a dream man does deeds hidden adorns them. And evidenced by his deeds of corruption and of benefit and harm the good paint and moderation and approval of a greased, and the place that handles that in it. Shows to see the paint on Flattery and improved to talk, and Residue of the promise, and false in his words.
and perhaps showed his vision the glory and the Sultan.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of paint

The paint shall be construed ways:

It saw that it was painted a wall or ceiling or something of the pleasures of this world, it would be arrogant out and acquire the trick and be corrupt in his religion and hold people’s wealth unlawfully and leave religion and guidance, especially if the statues of the verse, “What are these statues to which you are working.”

And paint a vision construed man who adorns Khalth or Treat.

Vision of the agent

Construed, the agent of good and demand, it is felt that the Under-king, who is still in its proceedings with justice and equity, it indicates the demand for good and, as well as if he saw the judge, the agent was not in the agency it is not fair to judge the best.

Crispin vision

Crispin and construed aspects:

Kirmani said: Shoemaker construed Qassam man between the Creation and the broker, said Shoemaker man Qassam inheritance. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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