pain by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi pain

Is in a dream repentance from sin.
It felt Bdhars Odharash of age or of his teeth and it hurts to hear the ugly cousin. And neck pain indicates that the owner abused intimate until Chkath generated from, and perhaps to neck pain indicated that the secretariat did not Aadha Khan came down by penalty. And shoulder pain indicates the ill-gained in the diligence of his right hand.And abdominal pain indicates that he spent his money in a sin repented, and said abdominal pain indicates that the relatives and the people of the house, and wrench the navel indicates that it comes with the treatment of his wife. And heartache evidence of bad Srerth in matters of religion. Liver pain and evidence of abuse to the child. Pain and evidence of corruption spleen money was great by the strength and the strength of his family and his children. The intensified and beer until there is the fear of death is indicated by the religion on the go. Pain and evidence of lung-term approach of and back ache indicates the death of the brother, but felt in the back curvature of the pain, it indicates a lack of the pyramid. Thigh pain and indicates that it is offensive to his clan. And pain man indicates to walk in obedience to God is the Almighty, said soreness man indicates that the large number of money. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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