Overheard by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Overheard

Is in a dream a lie and gossip, and possibly become a sneaky hated hearing on the Sultan.
It felt as if he listens to the man, the merchant had resigned from the contract of sale, though, and automatically isolate. But felt as if he listens to the man he wants to rape his secret and scandal.
It felt as if he hears talk of the best, and follow it receives Bishara. And if he sees and hears as if he pretends that he does not hear it and get used to lying that.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Overheard vision

The eavesdropping was not Mahmoud and what should not be committed to him, and perhaps indicates that for what he hates.

In all, the vision Overheard construed to four aspects: fear, betrayal and sin is hated and hear. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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