ostrich by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi ostrich

Are in a dream Arab Bedouin woman, and the ruling elite Bedouin Arab man. It was said that the grace of an ostrich. It rode an ostrich ride horses mail. And ostrich show deaf because they do not hear. It was said It speaks to the obituary of her name.
It felt at home ostrich static long life.
It felt that it marries ostrich slaughter going on.

Ostrich: (Mail; Male ostrich) In a dream, a male ostrich represents a servant, a Gypsy, a deaf person, a castrate, an eunuch, or announcing someone’s death. An ostrich in a dream also represents wealth and blessings. If one sees himself slaughtering a male ostrich in a dream, it means homosexuality. Receiving a male ostrich in a dream means that one will become a man of knowledge, a judge, or preside over a high ranking post in conjunction with one’s qualifications. Riding an ostrich in a dream also means carrying a postal pouch, or becoming a courier. Riding an ostrich in a dream also means living on unlawful money. Seeing an ostrich living in one’s house in a dream means longevity. Carrying an ostrich in a dream means carrying one’s sins. Finding an ostrich egg in a dream means


pursuing a woman to satisfy an erotic intention.

Vision of the ostrich

The ostrich puberty, including a man and a female woman.

It felt: that he rode an ostrich, and it rose toward the sky and returned to Earth, it travels with people who express and return victoriously, the safe is no longer Vtobeirh against him.

It felt: he hit a king or an ostrich, it affects a woman or ongoing nomadic.

It felt: that riding an ostrich, it commits prohibited.

Is of the opinion: that King ostrich it Istmcn of money from the Bedouin.

It felt: it carries an ostrich it comes grace and instantaneous.

And told that the woman saw that her husband came from a journey, along with ostrich Vqst vision of Sheikh Yusuf al-carbon and said: come to you, your spouse and with grace and it was so then traveled II saw also that he came and with it Anaamtan Vqst that vision on the Sheikh said to her, comes your husband is fine and with him and thus lose out and was soon, and he has also expressed, and then traveled III saw his wife also he made ​​from his trip, and with three Naamat Fastbashrt for that and came to Sheikh Zana it also offers Through her ​​vision other than the above, and told her husband had died and was taken from the pronounced Naamat his obituary and his death, has made ​​the term so Some elders applicants . Dream Interpretation in Islam

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