of birth

of birth

of birth by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi of birth

If he saw the king in a dream that his wife was born a male was not pregnant, it receives treasures. The pregnant woman felt she was born and a son, they put a female, and vice versa. Faraj and girls in the interpretation, and the Son are. The patient felt that his mother bore it dies, but his wife was pregnant, they give birth to a son. Faraj and the birth of daughter prisoner. The man saw that he was born a boy gets sick and it escapes, and he gains Bteke g. The pregnant cat born child, like a thief, and childbirth out of adversity and disease or to leave family and neighbors.Birth and comfort, Faraj and spend religion and repentance.
It felt that Wilde was the poor become rich, even if they occurred in a rich distressed, though a bachelor, he married quickly. And if the patient indicates that it generates to death.
It felt that he had been born a girl knees religion.
It felt that his daughter is dead and dig her grave, he spends his religion. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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