night by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi night

Is in a dream indicates unemployment. Though it was night and the light of the moon visible and people are trapped with them went the siege, even if they are licensed in the expensive prices. And the night shows the combination of the couple, and the day, indicating Fragahma. The dark nights show black slaves. Darkness and misguidance.
It felt in the darkness of his home traveled journey away. And night and day Sultanan opposites, and the night infidel and the day, a Muslim, has manifested the foes or Alvrgin.
and perhaps Del night to rest and the day on fatigue.
and perhaps Del night on marriage and the day the divorce.
and perhaps Del night on the sea and the day on land.
and perhaps Del night on death, because the hearts of God dies sleeping, and the day, indicating the expedition.
It felt a lifetime at night and the people of that region than in the cloud is poverty, hunger and death.
and perhaps Del night and day to bring the run of good and evil because they are all new Lipljan. Is indicated by a black woman on the night and day on the white woman.And night-vision show on the dress and the day on a pension. This is indicated on the right night, says {and night} if faint . And see the bright nights equally blunt in a dream Bishara all good, as well as on the middle of August and the Night Journey and Friday night.

Night: (Darkness; Heedlessness; Ignorance) In a dream, a moonless night represents lack of work, stagnation, or losing one’s job. If one sees the whole world in the dark and the moon is still radiant in the skies in a dream, it means that the governor will temporarily relinquish his entire duties to his chief minister or secretary, and that thieves and robbers will cluster around them for business. If one then sees the daylight in his dream, it means that such an adversity will pass. If people are under siege in the dream and the daylight dawns after a long dark night in a dream, it means that their siege will be lifted. If people are suffering from high prices and someone sees that dream, it means that prices will go back to normal. If they are suffering from tyranny, it too will pass. The night in a dream also means marital relations, while the day means separation between them. In a dream, the darkness of night also represents heedlessness and particularly if one witnesses thunder and lightning in his dream. Seeing a complete darkness inside one’s house in a dream means taking a long journey. The night and the day in a dream represent two adverse rulers, or two competitors or adversaries. The night in a dream also represents an atheist, while the day in a dream represents a believer. The night in a dream also signifies comfort and rest, while the day means toiling and hardships. In a dream, the night also means sexual pleasures, while the day means divorce or separation. The night in a dream signifies economic stagnation, while the day means business, travels and hypocrisy. If the night in a dream is interpreted to represent the ocean, then the day means land. The night in a dream also means death, while the day represents life and resurrection. The night and the day together may represent the two guardian angels who record each person’s deeds and who are God’s witnesses. If a sick person sees the dawn in a dream, it means that he will recover from his illness, or die from it. Ifhe is imprisoned, it means that he will be released. If he is a sinner, it means that he will repent for his sins. If he is a merchant and his business is not moving, it means that his merchandise will be finally sold. The nightfall at the end of the day in a dream also could mean the opposite. Seeing the night in a dream also denotes constant changes in one’s life, poverty, hunger, starvation, or death. The night and the day in a dream also represent wisdom and protocols, or indulging in something one will regret. The nightfall in a dream also may denote changing times, or changing trends. The night in a dream also could represent an African woman, while the day may represent a Caucasian woman, or a pregnant woman. The night in a dream also represents the evening gown, while the day represents work. The night in a dream also means veiling one’s difficulties and taking refuge in a safe place, except if the one seeing the dream is a traveller, then the night in his dream means injustice and ignorance. The night in a dream also


denotes devotion, holding a night vigil, attaining one’s goal, or meeting with one’s beloveds. (Also see Darkness; Evening; Moon; Night ofpower)

Recite the night

Al read the night of the luck to do at night or be safe from pests or have little money is due on or too hard for his living Dream Interpretation in Islam

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