Dream symbol starting with Letter N


Poetry Poetry by Ibne serin Poetry: (Poems) Selling poems in a dream denotes a person who barters his religion for the meager price of temporary worldly pleasures. Dream Interpretation in Islam    


Nursery Nursery by Ibne serin Nursery: (Greenhouse; Hotbed) In a dream, a nursery represents profits, annual return or a fertile woman. Owning or attending a nursery in a dream means victory, prosperity, marriage, acquiring knowledge, training in arts, or repent-ing from sin and harvesting the fruits of one’s repentance. If the fruits of one’s plants turn …

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Nurse Nurse by Ibne serin Nurse: A nurse treating one’s wounds in a dream represents healing of one’s sickness or sufferings. If a nurse visits a healthy person in a dream, it means that he may be wounded, and in that case he will need such assistance. Dream Interpretation in Islam


Numb Numb by Ibne serin Numb: (Lack of feeling; Sleepiness) Numbness of the hand or of any limb in a dream indicates the same in wakefulness. It is as though such a limb will not perform, or that it will wane away when one needs it most. Dream Interpretation in Islam