cupping by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi cupping

Cupper in a dream a man who writes the instruments on people. Cupper and demonstrates all controlled in the necks of creation and the world such as the ruler and the ruler and the doctor and the author of the condition and instruments. The person sees in a dream may cupper size and blood of the oppressed or Jihad was killed and his blood was shed, although the patients cured by a doctor was required and that money played by the governor, though he wanted to get married married.Indicate cupper see the disappearance of worries and Aloncad and diseases.
and possibly shown to see him win or lose after profit and loss. Became the cupper in a dream to his mother or one of his family he disobeys his mother, or of its size.
and saw in a dream that he reluctant to be treated with cupping or the Crown or the state secretariat. Though it is a very old man cupper seer, though an old man is known of his friend, though he was young he has a number written on the book condition. The size of a king or a man, it gains control them, and the size of an old man would prevail, although the size of a young man Zafar Bteke. And said, cupping of the disease to go, and said lack of money. And it was said of the view size cupper money is going to benefit him, cupping the blood did not come out of it, it may bury the money is not guided him, or pay a deposit to those who do not give it back to him.If it comes out of it the blood of his body is valid in that year. It scaled the broken divorce his wife or die. And it was said of the opinion that he was treated with cupping earned a profit even if the prisoners.
and saw that it was treated with cupping Njha from prison. If the impact of a scalpel on his neck, this certificate on it. The man saw that he was not reluctant to cupper it escapes from the evil, or fear of the person or authority. And Mahajm thieves and scalpels keys thief. If cupping rich in gold out fine. And it was said cupping over the patient to take medicine to pain him Ksberh scalpel to obtain health. If a woman declined to love another woman if they are not manufactured by cupping. It is the size of people feared it safe from evil, and perhaps showed cupping to make money from no man’s land or earn Amahgom cupper. If one is fasting really fast or really spoil fasting. Cupping the seer in a dream for headache or pain in the eye indicates that the recovery of his complaint.
and perhaps showed cupping on prevention and silence on the response of the answer and that of the size and sizes.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin Cupping: (Sacrification; A medicinal process of blood letting) Cupping in a dream means signing an agreement under pressure, committing oneself beyond one’s ability to comply, recovering from an illness, payment of debts, paying alimony to one’s wife and children, loss of a business or burying a treasure. If cupping is administered but no blood comes from it in the dream, it represents buried monies that one cannot find. Cupping in a dream also means silence, desistance or abstaining from reply. Dream Interpretation in Islam


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The cupping is secretariat or condition or the isolation and go money or escape from stress, it is felt that was treated with cupping it holds the secretariat or write him a book and that he was sick innocent, and saw that it was treated with cupping and stained Sradgah blood it dies and Abu Said preacher cupping of the governor to isolate and perhaps go money in benefit or survival of the distress but felt that he was treated with cupping and was in custody, it is called, and saw that it was treated with cupping did not come out of it something it is buried is not guided him, or pay a deposit to those who do not give it back to the out of him the blood of true body in that year and that broke the scaled it called his wife dies or is of the opinion it is a cupper escape from the evil or fear

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