crocodile by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi crocodile

Indicate his vision in a dream of a policeman, not a friend nor an enemy Iomenh, a thief, a traitor. And also demonstrates the unjust trader traitor. It is believed that the crocodile dragged him into the water and kill him when it falls in the hands of a policeman takes his money and kill him. Shows to see the crocodile in a dream on the immorality and prohibition and win the Grand, fear and bile of parking wind or from the Gaza road.
and possibly shown to see the metamorphosis of age due to drowning.
It is believed that the crocodile dragged him into the water, the sultan or a man takes from his home something a hater. But felt that the crocodile dragging it to the mainland he gains an enemy or the determination and take his money from him.
and saw that it was hit from crocodile meat or skin or fat or any of it, it affects the capital of his enemy as much as that.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the crocodile

 The enemy of the crocodile, it is not safe from a friend, it is felt that it hit the crocodile man is as well, and was told the crocodile Gshawm Sultan unfair.

 It felt: that the crocodile dragged him into the water, the Sultan took him to a thing which is the hater enter the water and died when it construed Bahlake.

 It felt: that drag the crocodile to the mainland, it gains control Bteke.

 It felt: he hit a bit of bone or flesh or skin, it affects as much money from his enemy, the crocodile and the policeman was said because it is evil in the sea, and was a traitor or a thief is a dealer Taal. Dream Interpretation in Islam


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