coffin by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi coffin

Is in a dream, a great king, the man saw that he won in a coffin sultan. And it was said that the owner of this vision is afraid of the enemy is incapable of antagonism, and this vision guide the vulva, deliverance from evil. It was said that if he sees this vision of his absent was introduced to it.
It felt as if it healed on the coffin of the dispute, and will receive the nail, and up to be.
It is considered that note I give a coffin livelihood and a dream, and serenity and dignity. And the coffin in a dream indicates the worry and bile. And the ark of the miller’s ruling on the show to see the separation between right and wrong, as evidenced by his vision and guidance on the flag.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Coffin: (Arc) In a dream, a coffin means a great wealth. If one sees himself hiding inside a coffin in a dream, it means fearing one’s enemy and that one is incapable of facing him, though this element in a dream also could mean salvation or escape from dangers that will follow. If one sees himself riding on top of a coffin in a dream, it means that either his name is mentioned in a will, or that he will face a dispute regarding an inheritance that will turn to his advantage. If one is given a coffin in a dream, it means that he is given knowledge, peacefulness and dignity. A coffin in a dream also represents stress and worries or a travelling vehicle. A miller’s flour mixing container which traditionally used to look like a coffin in a dream represents ajust man or a man of knowledge and a true guide. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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