citron by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi citron

Alotrjh show in a dream on women blessed with children.
and perhaps showed the man the insured or the Koran reader. As evidenced by the science, work and beautiful praise and love or intimacy. And it was said, each show on the child, much of which is a good thing, and some of them disliked and said It speaks to the hypocrisy, and seemingly contrary to its interior. Alotrjh and fertile green indicates the year and the health of the body if the seer picked, and yellow Alotrjh fertile year with the disease.
It was said that women were foreign Alotrjh dishonest rich, like a saw cut 2/2 of income, including a daughter and a son, frequently their illness. Saw the woman was on her head a crown of citron married man with a handsome male and religion, saw in her lap Otrjh was born a son blessed. Saw a man if the woman gave him Otrjh they give birth to a son. If a man threw another man to Otrjh indicates that the request of intermarriage. And if you eat human Otrjh was sweet indicated by a capital sum, although the sour, indicates that the disease is going.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Citron: (Acid; Heartburn; Sorrel) In a dream, a citron means a cure from illness. It also may mean hypocrisy and affectation. (Also see Citrus medica) Dream Interpretation in Islam

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