Brutal vision of the animal

Brutal vision of the animal

Brutal vision of the animal of Al zahri Brutal vision of the animal

Detailed on the following, which stated his name and which did not mention.

It felt: he rides a monster, a wrought him dispose of it wherever he wants, if it furnishes Iqarv monster sin, though it is broken in to plow Vdd.

It felt: that he is riding a beast perish by it affects the intensity and fear by his opinion and desires.

It felt: that he entered his house he saw a monster or without the catcher it is cohabiting with a man who abuse the law, though it is construed fishing feat and the best, especially if it is sending to it without hardship.

It felt: he slaughtered a beast that was Mantha Evtd woman, though, reminding Evtd youth. Dream Interpretation

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It felt: that the king of the monsters it has something good in them, men do not in religion and follow their own affairs.

It felt: that the monsters Ttah it affects the shame and humiliation and all the skin of the beast and his hair and notices and bone and horn and paw, and so Vamoal As for what was from them, which is eaten his flesh is the capital of old and which are not eaten meat is haraam wealth.

It felt: that catch something of the animal and the spoil of it money because God permitted it.

It felt: that his death he asked for hunting prey and miss.

It felt: a thing of the savage animal may Astid a handcuffed interpreter is attributed to him in that animal.

It is it considers that: that he baited an animal a brutal which is Mutawe to him it testifies to the accompany to a man who from the people of Badia and be take his place by the value of that animal.

It felt: that Atkhaddm to a wild animal, it serves the people ignorant.

It felt: that something of the animal brutal word, it interpreted the accession of glory and rank, and was told if you tap the brutal animal indicates that something good and useful and animals medial If Astouhh indicated by the evil monsters and many interpreted the owners of the villages and Alrsatik Dream Interpretation

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