bracelet by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi bracelet

Of the men saw a bracelet in his hand is tight. If the bracelet of gold or silver is a good man to seek in good works.
and saw in his hand a bracelet of gold, tied his hands. The king saw the wall hands of his subjects it is attached to them, and modifies the treatment, and obtain a gain and a pond. SORT by the Sultan he opens his hand open with a male and a reputation.Born said, bracelets, or a server. And bracelets for women of grace and pleasure.
It felt bracelet of silver has increased his wealth. The bracelets are worn by those men and Accessories for women. If the bracelet to the dead, they in heaven. The bracelet is the wife of the celibate. And it was said that the silver bracelets religion and piety to those who in a dream to wear them because they are the people of Paradise costume.If the bracelets of bone or ivory probably indicates that the slaves and free of Alerazl.
and maybe bracelets shown on the grief and torment.
del bracelet and perhaps on what is happening in the country or to enter or come out of it.Dream Interpretation in Islam



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