bone bone bone by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi bone

Of a dream that he saw in the bone until it became the greatest body of the people it is proof of his death.


Is the money in a dream, and demonstrates the cladding, the Almighty said {clothed the bones with flesh} . The bones indicate the enormity of things. The king of beasts king of bones as much as that or a role or shops. The bones show those who have no money on religion and the statutes that have texture and the feast. The bones indicate what you are doing on the structure of power, and that helps the human interests of parents or spouses or children or beasts, or neighborhood, or slaves or property. The broken bones in a dream that died was sick, though a sound disease.
and possibly bone is indicated on the deification of the human being. And the vision of the bones indicate bad faith or collect debris or Secrets Revealed and see the things hidden. Became the bone in a dream iron ails a long illness. And that became a bone of ivory is indicated by fullness of the Holy.
and possibly shown on the bones of fruit trees. Indicates bone health and dieback.

meanings by Al ahsaai

 See the bone

The bones inclined man from which his living and he adopted such as slaves and beasts Whatever he saw in that of Zain or Shin it construed them Ibn Sirin bones money and living it hit something. If it is concealed, it increased in that said al-Kirmani of the opinion that strain bone broken it For pomp and power and some of them said all the bones, whether to humans or to animals is money and the brain is money hidden what was attributed to what is eaten meat is halaal and which are not eaten is haraam is of the opinion that he ate from the brains of people dead, it eats from his wealth as much as that, although Universal access was unknown to the benefit of each case is of the opinion that the back of his brain from his nose on the ground it go capitalDream Interpretation in Islam


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