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Is in a dream a man benefit the weak and the poor and hurting the rich. Shows seen on the policeman who takes people’s money with evil and discounts. Shear in a dream, the animal needs to shearing indicates that the good and comfort of the animal or its owner, otherwise it is not. And shaved his head in a dream, it usually is due to the seer in vigilance, as well as the default, and if he sees that he shaved his head fined in his obedience to God Almighty. If the throat at the time of the summer and had the usually got him the benefit of, and may indicate the shaving comfort and healing of headaches and eye. Although the throat at the time of the winter may indicates that the worries and Aloncad and diseases.
del throat and possibly more than one place in the throat on the pandemic and Amoarm. Shaving the head the Secretariat’s performance and security from fear, as well as an episode in the Hajj eliminate debt, and receive with this breakthrough, and the default security from fear, the cycle in non-pilgrimage is not without it in the goodness, the owner was in distress or debt Faraj him. And it was said that is circled in the season and was president lacked the rich, though God Medina spent his religion, and perhaps this indicates that laceration of his secret, and isolate the president slyly, or with his death. The weapon was among those who wear it so tough to go and prestige, but his lack of a rich, though I spent the debts owed. The throats of the head that he saw it he gains his enemies and gain strength and attributed. The shaved head, it leads the secretariat.
It felt as if he cut his hair it drops of merit and sanctity. The shave his head if he saw it fall sick.
It felt as if his head shaved is good for those who was his custom to shave his head.
It felt as if he shave his head in his hand he spends his religion.
It felt a woman’s head Hellouka divorced her or died, or he leaves her. The view that her husband mow her hair, or shaving her head indicates that the imprisoned her in her home, do not you think that the bird if cut wing acknowledges in hatred, and was told It’s the episode laceration concealed, if he cut him and shave his place of Salah in her religion, and was with him evidenced by the words of the good, eliminate it and the performance of the Secretariat of religion in her hand that held it all in the campus.
It felt Dhuaúb his wife cut off did not give birth to a son at all. Hair cut and decreased strength.
It felt half his beard Hellouka it lacks merit and go, the unknown young man her throat it goes at the hands of the enemy they know, or toxic or counterpart. If the old man goes on merit by a man does not have a compelling out of the view that it did not it go flying in the face of living and ability in his money in ships. And throat easier than plucking. And, perhaps plucking Salah some die if did not launch the face, but that goodness in hardship, therefore, was arrested SUMMARY What is the virtue of grip is a man endorsing his money.
and saw that it was clutch on the beard of his uncle lends even Ostasalha it eats legacy of his uncle does not have a and the legacy of others. Taken with any of them inherit from it as much as that. And shaving the beard go of money and prestige, or deceit and deception or aground in the implant or a castle by his goodness, or the death of his son or his wife suddenly.
It felt that he shave his head and looped in real life and loves it and walk among the people it dispense The Baayala. But who keeps his hair and shave in the war and was captured and beheaded, and that was in him went his jacket and HTC difference or boss. And it was said of the opinion that he shave his head and was in the invasion or pilgrimage, this expiation for his sins and to eliminate its debt and the demise of the concerns and Gmovernm. The throat was not in these times and was in the winter, it cuts off for his presidency or his money goes. And it was said that it was his father dies and goes his money. And it was said that was his mother will die. If he saw a woman shaving her head, it indicates the death or the death of her husband concealed or violation, and it was said to infect her husband’s good.
It felt that his mustache shaved or eased afflicts good. But felt his beard and his head had been shaved all of us and the patients recovered, and Medina was spent his religion, though worried he went his main concern.
and saw that it was shaving scruff of his neck he shall judge his religion does not feel one.
and saw that it was looped felt his stomach came to God Almighty as required by his religion and it would fit.
and saw that it was flying lime kiln pubic hair was a rich gold and wealth and authority, and it was said that his money went to purchase the property. Though poor, Faraj dismissed him, and flew some lime and left some of it released some of the agony and remains part, and go from his or away from his grace and his power and keep some part of it.
It felt that razor shaving the pubic hair of his wife hit good. The woman saw that her husband hit good. Good mirror. The woman saw that her husband hit good.Dream Interpretation in Islam


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