black by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi black

Sadd is in a dream and money. Black and not those who used to wear the glory and Sadd, but they are unusual and sadness. He was the son Serene Allah’s mercy makes all black money.
and saw in his dream that he had married a black woman short, blackness was her money and limit the large number of palace life.
It felt that someone gave him a black Nubian slave given away the bags of coal. And it was said that black is not evil in his vision of what the word bad from a male, and black on the body Sadd. The white lion in a dream indicates that beautiful praise, and to refrain from sin, and faith after the infidelity, it turned white, his hands under his body indicated by the appearance of dignity for people with righteousness and victory over enemies, and proximity to the senior companions, and high regard. Sudan and all the poor countries, and turkeys love thing.Dream Interpretation in Islam


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