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Are in a dream to the man sang Izz. The longer it is felt that they benefit money and prestige and a good living for. But felt that no longer respects its center overlooking Faisiba capital prepares for the other. The long over it is the religion of the owner and they will be distressed. The long until it fell to the ground dead owner. And said of his beard and long hair Zaid many of his age and his wealth, the man reached the navel, it is obedience to God. The increased grip is a man on a garage. But felt his beard black dark dispense with it. Though its color or nearly black to green, it receives the property only be unfair but overwhelming Pharaoh’s beard was black to hit the green.The saw is tilted to the yellowish color it is the poorest and receive bug. The blonde saw her bestowed panic. But felt that in his beard, a man pulled his money and it lived up to eat. The boy saw a dream that has not a beard, it dies not a dream. But felt the same, lacking light and it was a religion, although it spent in distress went distress.But felt that half of his beard gone, it goes some merit or his property. The saw cut off his beard cut off further from his wealth. It arrested his beard and mow the increased grip of a man he is endorsing his money. It cut the beard of an increase in the other it is his property or money of his son. And it was said that the beard of women marking that it does not give birth to a son. Even saw a woman to have a beard and they were married, they lose their husbands, and that was a widow she married a man who agree with her, and saw that pregnant they give birth to a male, but her feud Nusrat, and the place of men.
It felt that he pluck his beard, that money destroy them in his hands .
It felt his beard and his head was pierced together and he was sick healed, though Medina spent his religion, but was worried he went his main concern.
It felt that his beard so long it GHz and woven clothing and sold in the market bear false witness it. Beard and prestige.
and may indicate the beard on his shop, clothing and profit. The cut his beard Bgmh worries and distress. The beard is divided by a partition function of the truth and the lies and greed and generosity.
and may indicate the beard on his wife. White hair and beard in the warning because of what is the perpetrator.
and white beard might dl the disease and disability. Although the white beard in vigilance and had blackened saw in a dream indicates that the activity and strength, determination and intensity. The long beard otherwise usually indicates that the fun and play or waste of money unlawfully. And the beard of the Asi repentance, though he was lost, especially if guided saw whiter. The rising of the women got off the beard or the insolence and committing forbidden. Beard and long life of the child. And see the beard attached straw or other bad words moving or carrying the wife is not his creation.

meanings by Al ahsaai

 See the beard

It felt that his beard long over of it are distressed and said to religion, the religion, was light and the stupidity and lack of mind and that he saw decreases and the decrease is outrageous it, that indicates to spend his religion and decrease his main concern is seen flying, there are two of them said indicates that if patients were acquitted or owes spent religion or worried he went his main concern and others said that seeing so hateful too is of the opinion that some of his beard are gathered and became a place less or because it has become bare, it decreases in the right in all the faces is of the opinion that he pluck his beard, that his wealth destroy them with his hand and destroy him and saw his beard and his head was pierced together it If patients were acquitted or owes spent his religion or worried he went his main concern was said that it hated very It felt the same, marred by a third hairs to mostly it is an increase in Ibhth and dignity but felt it has become very white it is weak in strength and decrease in the money and felt that young man has returned his beard black, he felt what he hates, and said some of them see the gray hair of the young people interpreted the arrival of absent It was said that gray hair longevity is of the opinion that Pluck Chiba, it violates the year and showing contempt for the people of goodness is of the opinion that he shaved his armpit or pubic hair it shows Salah religion and was shaving the armpit for Murad but felt he pluck his armpit was the finest is of the opinion that the armpit is long, it is hated in religion is of the opinion that pluck pubic hair, it fined money or Abdhirh misplaced and saw that it was still something of that Balnorh the rich, he went his wealth and authority even if he is poor sacked, although some still and leave some Vizul of grace thing later something was said of the view that shaving pubic Bamoosy is Mahmoud but the woman saw that hit her husband’s good is of the opinion that pluck of the chest or the scruff of his neck felt if he is a trust that performed for the owner is of the opinion that he comb his hair comb it Ezz and the State of It felt that his poetry in a position does not grow the hair it shows for the religion, said some of them felt that grows on the tongue hair it is the wisdom and the statement only to come out of the limit is attributable to worry and said some of them felt the eyelid, ear, nose, well unless it exceeds the limit, they, too, if removed the human hair from one place requires removal there is nothing wrong and that removing from one place to be Well it is not Mahmoud and saw a small grew his mustache is indicated by the strength and size, and saw the woman grew a mustache, it gives birth to a boy and that were not pregnant, they do not give birth as well as if he deems it grew its to live, but if a son there is his people, and that was a widow she married or married, she becomes a widow and hit it are distressed and scandal, and saw that his hair was young it is an increase in his religion and was a shortage of money and saw that it was painted something of his hair by rinsing it to him Accessories unless Wiesel If his is the cloud are the found Perfume is the praise of good and felt that Lively head it is familiar with some of the disadvantages is of the opinion that the comb fell from lice, it spends money from the legacy of injury, shows him to defect is of the opinion that grows on the palm of his hand hairs it the benefit of intervention by the hair wisdom in the chestDream Interpretation in Islam

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