Assad by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Assad: Sultan in a dream is very unjust brutal authoritarian microscopes for his boldness.
and perhaps indicated by the death to snatch it lives.
and perhaps see it shown on the health of the patient. Lioness and wicked woman Asovh dear boy. Shows to see Assad of ignorance and pride, and wonder and hardship and the wilderness and cuddle. It was said: The Lion in a dream enemy of Damocles.
and saw Assad in terms of do not see the seer survive than fear and gain wisdom and knowledge.
It felt Assad had near him bestowed upon them from the power, then escapes from it.
It felt Assad idol did not kill him he gets a fever lasting The seven unfailing fever, or that he be jailed if fever prison to God.
and saw that it was struggling Assad disease because the disease damages the meat, and struggled lion damage to the flesh.
It felt that it took a bit of meat lion or bone or hair received the money from Sultan or foe of Damocles. It is feared he rode seven suffered a calamity can not act against them, though he does not fear the enemy oppress.
It is considered that slept with Assad and he does not fear of the security of the disease.
It felt the seven entered the house in which the patient, it dies. If not the patient is indicated by the fear of the Sultan.
and saw that it was fear of the lion did not Aaaineh it secured for him from his enemy.
and saw that it was inspected the lion and saw him without that mixed with Faisiba dismay of the Sultan, it does not matter, and perhaps shown to see that on the death and near-term.
It felt Assad at his home afflicts authority and long life.
It felt Assad notices him something he bestowed an enemy of Damocles as much as that.
It felt that he fought a lion, it is fighting an enemy hanging.
It felt that marries a lioness it survives hardships are many, and he gains Bteke, and rises above his command, and have a reputation among the people.
It felt that eat the flesh of a lion it fall ill, money and wealth of the Sultan, or he gains Bteke.
and saw that it was eating head of al-Assad, it affects the authority, a great and a lot of money, and saw that it was eating something from the members of Lion it affects capital enemy of Damocles as much of that member. It saw that it was hit from the skin of a lion or of his hair, it Asbb capital enemy of Damocles is probably a legacy.And the lion shows the warrior or thief defaulter or the worker unjust, or the chief of police or the student, and the entry of Lion City it plague or severe or Sultan Jabbar or enemy enter them, except to enter into the mosque and the rise in the pulpit he Sultan infringe on people, and attain it the scourge of and fear. The puppy was born lion. And it was said of the view as if he killed a lion escaped from all the grief. It has become a lion turned on the unjust as much as the same. It was: Lioness daughter of the King.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Assad’s vision

 The Lion, it indicates the ways:

Ibn Sirin said: Assad’s vision devolves enemy very strong bass .

 It felt: that he is fighting al-Assad, it indicates the rivalry with the enemy brought to him and most often because they are two.

 It felt: that he met a lion, but the conclusion reached was not intact, it testifies to the dismay of the Sultan and not harmful to him.

 It felt: that he fled from a lion had not meant it shows him to escape from fear and from nails on the Iedi.

 It felt: that he came to the Lion meat it is construed with money from the king, and eat him, he informed and stronger nail, as well as the Penh. It was the vision of Sultan al-Assad interpreted, it is felt that it hit the lion’s head for the mandate of the attic and rank, wealth and grace, especially for those who eat it. It was of the opinion that he had found a thing of the members gave him a lion or it shows that get money from the enemy by it.

 It felt: that he had intercourse with a lion, it indicates the salvation of many and tribulations of high degree and the toilet and the nails on the enemies.

 It felt: he carried a lion, it shows the reconciliation enemy or closer to the Sultan.

 It felt: that the lion Atoh it shows a decrease of glory and sanctity and harmful for him.

 It felt: a lion came from behind his back and then appeared in front of his face and it shows for harmful and enjoined him by the Sultan after his request.

 It felt: he found the lion’s head Atsultn if fit to do so.

 It felt: that the sultan gave him a lion’s head, it indicates that the Sultanate’s delegation to him that he is fit to do so or July.

 It is it considers that: that he rode on the back of Assad which is obedient to him it testifies to the that he infects sultan so that gives him a the behavior of that place and comply with his command to, although not Welcome It will therefore be mastermind of his kingdom.

 It felt: that Assad, who was riding it was not obedient to him, the him that he had not looked forward kings and senior companions.

Though saw a woman It’s educates the Born a lion they be Daya or Daddah for the Born the Sultan, albeit at a a man, it would be Dalala or a guarantor to him .

 It felt: that the lion’s paw prints or take a bite of his body so that his wound, it interpreted the accession of damaging an enemy or as much as that of the Sultan.

 It is it considers that: that Assad may his lap it construed Ptqrabh to the Sultan.

 It felt: it accepts Assad is seen as the eyes or compassion compassion it shows to come to the Sultan and for his benefit, though in the service of the Sultan of Faalo, but felt otherwise Vtobeirh against him.

 It felt: that lion eats it shows closer to the Sultan and the dependence it.

 It felt: that Assad Elhsh and Ydarih it shows manageable Mbacherth and closer to the Sultan and be heard to say to him and get him it is better and the benefit and increase of grace and skin al-Assad and his hair and bone and meat construed money either from the point of the Sultan or the hand of the enemy.

 It felt: he rode a lion spend where he wants it to be interpreted in two ways: Izz great injury and oppression of a huge enemy.

 It felt: that he fled from a lion, it escapes and warns that fear and he gains his need.

 It felt: that he was not afraid of the lion Aaaineh it secured for him from his enemy.

 It felt: that he saw or inspected the lion after it construed Bmoazp, and was probably near yes.

 It felt: a lion in his home Dalala it infects and attributed the good and the length of life, even when the patient is indicated by his death.

 It felt: he hit the lion’s skin or bone or flesh, or the League of his brain or his hair or something, it affects inheritance.

 It felt: a lion rough cut on the way people interpreted it injustice parish.

 It felt: a lion, a fugitive, it asks for fear of the Sultan did not it does to survive, but to his right and held him Vdd, and perhaps indicated by the patient.

 It felt: he rode a lion, a fear of the scourge of it fall ill.

 It is it considers that: Asda fled, of it not been seen Assad nor felt by it construed the accession of science and wisdom.

 It felt: The Lion entered the city of it construed to climate its king The was unjust, albeit was fair Vtúl his friendship to the king of his counterpart.

 In all, the vision of Assad shall be construed in three ways: and a man of great authority and powerful enemy.Dream Interpretation in Islam

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