Aquarius by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Aquarius:

Is extracted in a dream, a man hated the money. The person sees that he emptied the water in the vase is, that money will soon go up or go about its benefits. The orchard gave him to drink it afflicts a woman. The result was the garden of which hit the boy as seen from the fruits of that garden. And if he sees a well old is feeling them camels or cattle, or the people it works best for business and Ocharfha, which is like the shepherd who empties water from the well at his flock of camels and sheep.
and saw that it was make a bucket in a well is Fasaga animal is the Hajj to show off in his work for a debt or minimum as far as his strength him and his activities.
and saw that it was a bucket to make himself especially he is working for the benefit of worldly affairs.
and saw that it was taken away from the well bucket and washed it, the survivor was a prisoner, and received money and HB. It made ​​a bucket in a well with a pregnant woman Rizk baby boy, but were not his wife pregnant, he asked the livelihood, the left in the bucket of water received that provision, if he had any goods in the book made ​​it and went to him, although his patient was cured, though he is imprisoned survived.
It felt that he stood on a bucket in his hand, well he wants to scoop it, this is good, and gets the money. May be a well woman, well enough for himself. The bucket was inferred for the students were well aware of his teacher, who benefit from his knowledge, and the water is collected from a moment and share. Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Aquarius: (astr. See Moon) Aquarius: (See Constellations) Aquila: (See Constellations) Ara: (See Constellations

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of Aquarius

As for Aquarius, said al-Kirmani: Aquarius man is extracted without knowledge of the funds.

It felt: a bucket full of it he draws his money gets tired and exhausted as far as the bucket.

It felt: the bucket is empty it indicates that it is better for a little, and if a new clean bucket to accompany it shows a man who takes the money without the knowledge of him and gets him good and benefit.Dream Interpretation in Islam

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