adulterer and the adulteress

adulterer and the adulteress

adulterer and the adulteress by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi adulterer and the adulteress:

Of a factor of a prostitute in a dream it is the world and its students, the students were known for goodness and religion, science, and they have named Hassan and the righteous, and felt as if they are different to a prostitute, they differ to the attention of the world, and injuring him as much as won of the adulterous woman.
and saw a man with woman, the man asked minimum husband of this woman.
and saw that it was committed adultery with it to perform Hajj.
and saw that it was the dawn of a young woman it puts money in the subject does not see.
is of the opinion that adultery Bzanah got evil and temptation.
It felt that he entered into the subject of adultery could not be out of it, it dies quickly.
It felt that sleeping with the wife of others, and her husband with her ​​condemnation of him is, that in matters assigned by the husband of his home. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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