Adam, peace be upon him

Adam, peace be upon him

Adam, peace be upon him by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Adam, peace be upon him: Of the saw in a dream and he had sinned Vitob it.
and perhaps showed his vision on the parent or the Sultan.
It felt that killed Adam, peace be upon him, it betray the Sultan, or complicate his parents, or teacher.
It felt Adam peace be upon him the form of a particular received the state that is qualified with , and if he sees that he received the note of the word. And it was said of him saw the blood of the peace deceived by the words of some of his enemies, then may Allah Almighty after a period, the variable color, saw the case, this indicates that to move from place to place, and then return to the first place. It became Adam peace be upon him, the owner or eligible for the presidency was obtained, but if he knew people benefited from his knowledge. Or received the note is not matched one of the people.
and possibly shown to see Adam, peace be upon him on a pilgrimage and meeting loved ones, or on the large number of offspring, or the intrigue and deception, and the cohabitation of manufactured toxins, or Ertzq of invoking demons and speak on their tongues.
and perhaps showed his vision to the Dress coarse or crying, or on the terms of the seer Tnkid eaten, or to travel far, or the servants of kings and prostration.
It felt Adam, peace be upon him if it was good good great on it. Dream Interpretation in Islam

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


meanings by Al ahsaai


Interpretation of Al zahri


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