woman’s pregnancy

woman’s pregnancy

woman’s pregnancy by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi woman’s pregnancy:

Rope shows women in a dream as Toazb to her, and gain him money and increase developing country, and Fajrat and in honor, and praise well. And if he saw the man by a rope that they are heavy it hidden from the people, afraid Azdeadeh and his appearance, and an increase in the minimum rope to his vision, whether male or female. Pregnant women and see the show on their things and moodiness and concealed. And rope men in a dream evidence of increased knowledge of the world, and perhaps indicated by the concerns and grumpy and the neighboring enemy, or the love and passion, and perhaps indicates that the combination of male and female in the place of one, or is grown somewhat out of place, or enter his house thief, or hidden in home cache, and theft of stolen or hidden from the owner.
del rope and perhaps the man to destroy it himself, perhaps he has buried it is difficult from the dead foreigners. Perhaps a liar pretending to assignee, and may mute his faith and his belief corrupt. The rope arrogance perhaps indicated by the moodiness, up to her family because of it, and perhaps indicated by the accident evil happening in the place of the thief or fire, and perhaps to wear committees or working with a device to suit her, or hold it who is not efficient it, Ottzul her virginity before her marriage. The rope women barren, or the male beasts and cattle, that evidence of the drought year, and the lack of goodness, and the large Vtnea and evil, by thieves.
It felt that his wife was pregnant he hopes better than this world.
It felt that its strand, this increase in wealth and worldly affairs, it is suitable for women and men after all. The old rope locker weapon as sedition. It was said that got her pregnant unemployment of labor. And it was said is fertile after waterless. And women free from the husband, as well as pristine as if they were seen the Hablta if they Taatzojan. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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