wandering by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi wandering:

Of the opinion that he roams the Kaaba in a dream, it is that he is a slave to free, or if the sinner is freeing from the fire, though a bachelor, he married, though eligible for offers made ​​and received rank high, and perhaps indicates that the fulfillment of the vow says: {and their vows, and go around the House antique} .
It felt that pilgrimage and toured the House, that his worldly and religious integrity of its approach, and the reward from Allah Almighty, and security than feared, and Dean spent, and the secretariats performed for the Muslims.
and perhaps Del roam the Aevaúh vow or expiation right. But felt that he traveled to Rmkh it comes with a mahram.
and wandering between lanes in a dream indicates his vision to mentor, who made ​​good and evil hold.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Wandering: (Astray; Error; Lost) Walking on a straight highway and still losing one’s way in a dream means deviating from the path of truth. If the road in the dream is twisted or curved, then it means allurement, trespassing, misguidance, or erring from God’s path, or it could mean seeking a way out of error. If one is lost in the dream, it means that he will become heedless, and ifhe finds his way thereafter, it means that he will receive someone’s guidance and accept it. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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