wall by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi wall:

Of the saw in a dream it is based on the wall, or he rode him impervious Valhaút man’s religion, and money estimated on the amount of the wall and its provisions and submitted. If a man saw that its wall fell, it becomes a treasure.
It is considered that the wall fell it was guilty of many sins and hasten his sentence.
It felt HitanaMendersh He is the man the Imam of a big world, the renewed and his companions, the soldiers Atjaddedon and return their state the first in the state. Saw that it was related to the wall is in honor of its removal as much as Astmkana than in the attachment, and said: It is about a man high. He cast a wall, the lift it drops a man from earning a living, or destroy him or kill him, the wall known as the owner dies worried. It was: a man with a wall Sultan Ghalib. The wall of the city men of invaders or authority or the head of a strong Jabbar kept his money, the bounce of a wall or adopted on a stick it turns into a believer of man to man a hypocrite, or leave the advice of advice believer hypocrite. Those who look at a wall, he saw his likeness in which it dies. It fell from the wall fell on the same, or from the hope of hope for.
It felt as if he sat on a wall in his hand a bracelet of gold, it louder or gain honor and wealth and prestige. And see the wall in a dream indicates the knowledge and guidance, and see the wicked, and the judgment or the band between friends.
It felt wall fell into the house owner’s disease. The wall fell to his death it outside the house. And that was traveling from his feet.
It felt a wall in place, it renewed affinity. It built a wall of milk do righteous deeds, and praise Bricklaying and plaster. If the wall and split it into place to increase prison in that place. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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