vaccine by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi vomiting:

Of the saw in a dream that he vomited when he was fasting and then licks it, then he can have no role to play which is sinning. If vomiting, taste good, it repentance for her willing spirit carry on, although it is difficult and unpleasant taste was the repentance be hating it. And vomiting have also shown that the owner what he took unjustly and that repentance. Vomited blood and that he repents of sin or haram money. The sugar and it vomited a stingy man. And if swallowed pearls and vomited honey, it explains the Qur’an, and vomited for us left Islam. The vomited yellow fill the time it is due for sin penalty. If it is vomited food come to the man something, and if swallowed vomiting it back in his gift. Vomiting, and vomited a lot, it dies or supervise the destruction.
It felt that he vomited blood is much money to the poor and the return of a child or absent. But felt that his intestines out with vomiting, this indicates that the death of the boy, and demonstrates in a patient death. If vomiting is alive and he is sick, it dies, though the difference in the health of an enemy. It was: vomiting waste of money. And vomiting is a good sign for the poor, and praise for the rich, but is harmful in their money. And vomiting indicates a response of deposits to their masters, and on the disclosure of secrets, and the disappearance of what is inside from harm. Although the patients died.

meanings by Al ahsaai

See vomiting

It felt that pious and that was easy for him it shows repentance or restitution to his family and that distress him that shall be death but felt that the patient is his death and that it sees a pregnant woman, they fall down and saw that it was eating Qaoh it back in his gift and was told stinginess and miserliness is of the opinion that he vomited all in the stomach, it indicates that mortality

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision, vomiting, fullness and the like

Of the opinion that he vomited and it was easy for him, it indicates to repent from sin and return to God or restitution to his family, and the hardship it this would be a punishment and the facility he does, but felt that the patient is death, but felt that a woman is pregnant, they fall down.

It felt: that he eat his vomit it back in return gave him like a dog to its vomit, and said to scrimp and miserliness.

It felt: he wanted to vomit is not able to do so or came to his throat and then returned, it indicates the difficulty of repentance on him, but he repented due to sin.

It felt: that he vomited did not come out of it or something out, hate it indicates the disease, and that came out a mine, it healed quickly, and vomited blood, it indicates the death, though yellow, it will be safe from weakness, though black, it is relieved of worry and grief.

It felt: that he vomited all in the stomach, it indicates mortality.

Overall, the vision and vomiting devolve on six aspects: repentance and regret and detrimental to the salvation of the cloud and the performance of the Secretariat of the difficulties and solve things.

It felt: that he is fasting, he vomited and then immersed in it, if he is in debt and is able to fulfill a sinner is not spent on it.

It felt: that he vomited honey is repentance.

It felt: that he vomited pearls, it affects the interpretation of the Koran great, and vomited for us left Islam.

But felt that he vomited food thick it goes something from it .

It felt: that he vomited red for bad as he repents, repenting him though it continues to repent.

It felt: that he vomited a lot of good color, it shows that having a son is born good and was told otherwise. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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