Vision of the role

Vision of the role

Vision of the role of Al zahri Vision of the role

Of the opinion that he entered a house in an unknown population did not know and saw the dead, this house indicates that it is the afterlife and the inside of residence indicates that near him.

It felt: that it came out of her sick very sick and healed.

It felt: that he entered a house known to be built with mud and milk, this indicates that I’m earning a living, though built of brick plaster it is proof of the request is haraam wealth.

It felt: that he came out of her repent it for the Sacred.

It felt: it fell from the house roof or wall surface or burned it or the occurrence of a disaster in his home.

It felt: that the land of Dar has grown and expanded it for evidence of the grace and abundant, though otherwise Vddh.

It felt: that is touring the old house, it can accommodate him his livelihood and open doors and get him and as soon as pleasure.

It felt: that he had entered a new house, the money was getting rich, though poor, was dispensed with and the center of Dar evidence of the daughter, sister, what visions of that of Zain or Shin interpreted it in this recipe home directory on the mother and father.

It felt: that he entered a house in which it is his bloodline alive and the more dilated the new increase in the livelihood and religion. It was the vision of a good house show on health, safety and longevity of the father, mother, and married a woman who was a good agreement and the security from fear and panic, and perhaps get richer and the state.

In all, the vision of Dar construed eight aspects: a woman’s husband and sang, security and good living, money and the mandate of the Secretariat of Izz and carry.

The vision of Dar-known construction if it is connected to the role Larkins minimum as far as gracious, it was one of the milk and clay are old, though Agra and Jsa it is haraam, and perhaps he does evil so let him fear Allah, and that the house is Mjssh and the patient is indicated by his death, and that was one of the milk and clay are afflicted .

The vision of the unknown house construction and if the original position and the role they are alone in the Hereafter House Vlienbar seer and that is his condition, and that came out of her income, it is verging on death, and survive, but did not come out of death is indicated.

It felt: the capacity and Accessories indicating good condition or die world and the capacity to live house known purity.

It felt: that he entered the house also offers a new Vtaoelha that was good for nothing else than that the vision came to its owner, whether an owner or a finger.

It felt: that he viewed the palace or his income he marries a good woman, as well as looking at the role.

It felt: that in the event inside the house or in the doors it an accident is something in women.

It felt: that the house does not look like it has the role of money and it shows it.

It felt: it builds a house he collected as much benefit low vacuum construction, though patients may indicated by his death.

It felt: it is outside of the house is silent did not speak with one indicated by his death, and was told to enter into any house on the face of security was also provided to applicants from writing on the role, and sang some of the poets:

This house lit up … and joy reflected joy of our eyes

Saad wrote at the gates … Enter it in peace Amnina

It felt: that a spring of water in his home place, it tears the eyes of the death of her family and loved ones in the house are wet and sadness, as well as dirt and the symposium.

It felt: that the people of his home by the route of a great calamity Universal access.

It felt: building a new house is evidence of the death of close relatives.

But felt that it expands the afflicted house g house and the demolition of the Great Imam Anthelam get in the mouths of Muslims and the demolition of house in any way was the voice of factions . Dream Interpretation in Islam


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