Vision of the road sector

Vision of the road sector

Vision of the road sector by Al ahsaai Vision of the road sector

It is believed that the bandit took the money and plunder his goods and he continues to man a particular and honor him and gets him than many benefits as far as what was taken from him or shows for calamity to him or to some of his brothers is of the opinion that the sector the way they met, but they could take something from him, it indicates the severity of disease to him so that he oversees the death and the end of his command due to health, said some of them felt that the group appeared it they Bagon it supports his enemies is of the opinion that a thief entered the wounding of his money went by it die man there is of the opinion that he had entered was not carrying anything, it gets sick when man, verging on death, then he recovers and saw that it was cut off the road and take the pleasures of one it shows that the luggage ruin live highwayman, especially in order get him harm but felt that it cut the road and did not take comfort he gets sick very sick or has healed, and saw none of the thieves authorized a lighthouse, it is famous case is of the opinion none of the people of crimes is alarming, it is due to Allah, and he saw Dd that Vtobeirh against him and perhaps also of the view if the offender is known is of the opinion that he committed a crime a crime a great Faúl the commission is forbidden and not the behavior of the straight path and said some of them hate see the crime in the waking and sleeping Dream Interpretation in Islam

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