Vision of the mouse

Vision of the mouse

Vision of the mouse of Al zahri Vision of the mouse

As for the mouse, it devolves face of a woman and an ugly interior, though its color is the color of the mice do not accrue a woman.

It felt: he baited mouse trap it shows a woman who hated Tzuge and resourceful.

It felt: that his house was full of mice, it is construed to collect the group in his home on the number of mice, it was one color Vlienbar seer what she was doing, good or bad, but different colors are in place and a new one it is construed longevity, but otherwise Vtobeirh against him.

It felt: that the mice do something harmful gets it behind me, it accrues to the inferiority of old age and money.

It felt: mouse came out of his nose or anus of Ahalilh or it shows a woman lewd and told his family out of the woman obscene.

It felt: that the mouse came out of his throat for it shows is born behind.

It felt: that in his home ground Verana, has emerged in that place, it indicates the entry of thieves in that place and the loss of her skin.

It felt: mouse in his hand, has died in his hand, it shows for his calamity.

It felt: Das Mouse that killed her, it shows a woman Afteragah obscene.

It felt: that the stoning of a woman shooting mouse it is corruption, and threw it corresponded with an arrow.

It felt: in bed, it shows mouse on the evil woman.

And the vision of meat mouse money evil woman, said to the mouse ongoing lewd liar and a thief out of the mouse and the mouse many great money .

It felt: Verana many white and black, it construed longevity because the white mouse construed night, and was interpreted Bayal mice, it saw the mice out of the house it is the demise of grace.

And told that a man came to Ibn Sirin said: I saw if I stepped Asthe mouse went out of Tamra said Alec pregnant woman said yes, said she is not valid, but you give birth to a boy born good . Dream Interpretation in Islam

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