Vision of the devil dreaded

  Vision of the devil dreaded

Vision of the devil dreaded of Al zahri Vision of the devil dreaded

Daniel said: a man who interpreted the vision of Satan the enemy has no religion unashamed liar stray calves in evil bag of good things and evil people know all the corruption and ugliness.

It felt: it shows Satan advise him to get his money and harmful to the body.

It felt: the devil grabbed his hand and said, There is no power but from God Almighty, it tests a great sin, and then survive the advice of one, and was told of it obeyed Satan Bhoah self-tests.

It felt: the devil gave him something for it shows money is haram, if that thing it shows Donna the corruption of religion.

It felt: he wanted to beat the devil with the sword to destroy him and then fled for it testifies to the jurisdiction of the justice and fairness.

It felt: he has killed it himself invincible and follow a path of goodness.

It felt: that the devil touched a worker mentioning God it is construed that he has many enemies do not want to mortality from it is meant to obtain the verse, “Those who fear Allah, when a thought of evil from Satan, if they remember Mbesron.”

It felt: that the devil or hostile to combat it, it indicates the health of his religion.

It felt: that the devil fears it shows his sincerity in his religion.

It felt: the joy of Satan desires glad it operates.

It felt: that the devil to remove his clothing he will be dismissed.

It felt: that the person beaten by Satan, it eats usury.

It felt: that the devil Igmzh it shows that a man shooting his wife and Agoaha.

It felt: that the devil tormented the type of species it Faraj from his main concern after obtaining the intensity of the verse, “I am touched me erect and the torment of the devil.”It was said that Satan construed Sultan unfair.

It felt: that the devil swallowed or income in his mouth, it was traveling at sea, sinking it, though he intends to stay that is obligatory for him. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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