Vision of the cities and the regions

Vision of the cities and the regions

Vision of the cities and the regions by Ibne serin Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the cities and the regions

But the two differ from some scientists, but in the science of speech Whether.

It felt: that in Mecca, it is evidence for weddings and glory and support of the religion.

It felt: that in the city of the Prophet peace be upon him it shows associated with the dealers and get good things and benefits them in the religion and the world.

It felt: that in the city of Taif, it indicates that the large number of travel.

It felt: that in the city of Basra, it shows that science and understand Islam.

It felt: that in the city of Wasit, it shows dignity, religion and piety.

It felt: that in the city of Kufa, for it shows the benefits of living and of parents and relatives.

It felt: that in the city of Baghdad, it indicates that it is better for employers and the benefits of trade and the rich.

It felt: that in the city of Helwan for it shows the benefits and good living.

It felt: that in the city of Isfahan, it indicates that accompany senior companions.

It felt: that in the city of Kerman, for it shows a lack of money because of his dependents.

It felt: that in the city of Damascus, it indicates the capacity of livelihoods.

It felt: that in the city of Mosul, it indicates that it meet their needs and obtain the ends.

It felt: that in the city of Aleppo, for it shows the benefits of a king or a man of great destiny.

It felt: that in the city of Antioch, it shows for the benefit and the benefit.

It felt: that in Jerusalem it shows of piety and religion, honesty, and you want to get success.

It felt: that in the city of ailment for it shows the benefits of travel destination.

It felt: that the island it shows the change in worldly matters.

It felt: that in the city of Tarsus, it shows the weakness of Works and the imbalance in the missions.

Mecca and the vision of God Salah bones, religion, repentance, security and profit .

The noble vision of the city for a meeting Balahbab and the attainment of hope and intercession Bsaknha upon him blessings and peace for the Day of Resurrection .

And the vision of Jerusalem and the cleansing of sins and repentance for the safety and integrity .

Egypt and the vision of glory and victory and with security for livelihood .

And the vision of Qus profit from the store and the usefulness of the faces of the solution .

And the vision of Assiut product for transplant and private enemies .

And the vision to create a product of Fayoum Agheitan and fertile, and Rizk .

And the vision of a hill and get the result of income from multiple destinations .

Damanhur and vision mixing Boqguam Vasudai religion .

And the vision of Alexandria Gap store and get the benefit and facilitate the achievement of the purposes and other things .

The vision and Salah Rashid Rushd Vtaberha case is derived from the name .

Vision and comfort madder hull and body health .

Damietta and the vision of jihad and the sheep and the reward and gain .

And the vision of Belbeis Hassan and others said .

And the vision of the camp security and health .

And the vision of victory and the success of Mansoura .

Salah and the vision of fitness in things .

Kotaia and vision in two ways: to the people of the farmer is to facilitate the people of corruption and obstruction and indigestion .

Gaza and the vision of fertile and the comfort, security and grace .

Ramla and vision benefit and gain .

And the vision of Karak and the elevation of the enemy fortification and security .

And the vision of Safed in two ways: to the people of goodness clarity because it was originally named and described the people of corruption Balfa enrollment and shackling of the verse, “fettered in chains . ”

Sham and the vision of goodness and blessing, and good living, mercy, and the security and dignity and usefulness .

Ajloun and vision of the wheel true seer If only repent for that .

Salt shed and the vision of the enemy .

And the vision of King Anaam calculus requires the account .

And the vision of Acre is not Mahmoud and the lack of interest .

Baalbek and the vision is very good, beauty, and fertility and grace and blessing .

And the vision of Homs, Faraj promenade of distress .

And the vision of fishing accrue from its name .

Beirut and the vision of the invaders and the grace and shop .

And the vision of Hama Ankhmad matter and fertility and the blessing and pleasure Khater and safety .

Aleppo and vision for bringing glory and livelihoods, health, old and earning prestige and grace and to get the desired and sought in matters of the Kingdom .

And the vision of Gaziantep good question for pride, and accusations of them.

And the vision of the castle town of Muslims and fertility is a blessing and success .

The vision of Baha Bahnasa .

The lack of vision Maltah are distressed, and perhaps safer, safety or lack of pension .

The vision is not Mahmoud Khana, and perhaps also indicated by the cushion .

And the vision of Karkar in return, or more, and perhaps hypocritical .

Drndh and vision required for security and is pleased with the additional hardship .

Barki and the vision of security dealers and Izz lack interest .

And the vision of Brett fell down because it is not Mahmoud country Parties and Parties with people .

And the vision of livelihood for Qaysria by the Sultan, and perhaps aggression and quarreled .

And a vision for Bulstin Faraj and go out to the wilderness and the success of things .

And the vision of Tarsus is not Mahmoud .

Solis and the vision of good with the parish .

Amid the prolonged vision and good consequence .

And the vision of Amoria love architecture and begin work .

And the vision of Constantinople and the weakness of religion is haram for livelihood .

And the vision of Snape commented Neil things difficult and required .

Kstmon vision and comfort, security and achieve the purpose .

And a vision for the month of Aq with white face and because of the security and livelihood .

And the vision of Edessa and the altitude as much as they are released and tourism .

The spacious vision of welcome and safety .

The vision Ja’bar Zafar, security and isolation from Almnadjiys .

And the vision of mixtures confuse things and business confusion, and perhaps safer .

And the vision of the land of the Romans and contraction risk for cloud and thought .

The vision Drind Tasir things and disperse filled and the difficulty of the case.

And the vision of living in Tbilisi’s lack of interest, and perhaps the bankruptcy of the derivative name .

And a vision for Nagh Yes, principality and increase livelihood .

Khoi and vision loss and the disruption and corruption work .

And the vision of Maragha facilitate things and comfort .

Tozer and the vision of the salvation of the disease, headache, because they remember when most people of Tabriz which is derived from irrigation .

The vision Nakecoan regularity and integrity of the event works .

And the vision of the many thought they Znkan and whispers .

Hamedan and vision for the position and prestige and benefit .

And the vision of the Caspian and the accompanying Akaber Neil is required, and may have been flashier .

Irrigation and vision of grace and richness to derive the name .

And the vision of the many ideas and Dhustan frequency and the different views of risk .

Vision and hope and soon the large number of pleasure and the joys and the hopes of achieving .

And a vision of joy and nail grove Izz enemies .

Sawa and the vision of a lack of money and loss of livelihoods and lack of success .

Sabor and the vision of disabled and non-work access is required .

And the vision of quartz is not Mahmoud .

Tus and the vision for the benefit and good .

And the vision of a fern are distressed and loss .

Lancia and the vision for the benefits and the benefits of hand Neswan .

Iaurh and vision of joy and feeling happy and watch the faces morning .

Balkh and the vision of a fingernail on enemies and hear news seemed good .

Herat, vision and a lack of works on the store and make it easier in the other .

And the vision of Samarkand famous among the people up the monument and the high destiny .

And vision benefits for Azih of pride, and the collection of science .

Saad and the vision of the health and safety, security and comfort .

And the vision of what we wish for pilgrims and the attainment of what Aamlh .

Vrgan vision and strength and victory and nail and capacity .

And a vision of hope and achievement of pilgrims fill the work .

Fez and the vision of the functioning of mind and find out if running out of money .

Tarara and vision exam, accompanied by the ignorant who do not understand what is being said and does not understand as saying .

And the vision of the country they Sagur loss and sadness and regret .

The vision is better and Mardin grace and blessing .

And the vision of a fortress high in quality as much hope and achievement .

And Ibn Sirin: the vision of the cities are all in any way was welcome, it is considered that in the city of unknown did not know, that sign of the righteous, and probably got what he asked him for the verse, “Go forth, insisting the you what you ask” means any Egypt was, and perhaps the city was unknown house Hereafter, the known, has been vigilant in their income must be returned to it, and was probably safe from the fear of the verse, “Come into Egypt safe, God willing . ”

It felt: that he come out of the city, it scared him to the verse, “which came out scared watching.”

It felt: it goes from city to village, it is transmitted to the security of the fear and misery to bliss.

It felt: that he come out of the city, it is afraid.

It felt: that the ruined city, the king said to infringe it and I love cities and I hate me out of it because I tried it again. It was of the opinion that he entered the city and has a wall of which is the best without a fence, and possibly indicates that her vision of the city wall on the governor versed prevents the enemy from their land and that without a fence that Dd. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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