Vision of the absent

Vision of the absent  

Vision of the absent Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the absent

Absent and construed aspects:

It is absent foot saw him from traveling, it indicates the arrival of good news from the absent, and perhaps indicates the arrival of the absent quickly.

Is of the opinion: Stay away from his relatives that it shows non-arrival of the news.

It is it considers that: that the absent I accept the from traveling it testifies to the facilitate the his affairs and its proceedings.

It felt: happy cheerful absent chest may accept the money and the grace it signifies Fotouh and get good things.

It felt: absent Abosa bankrupt and may accept it shows for worry and distress.

It felt: I accept that absent from traveling, it indicates that he came to him quickly.

It felt: I accept absent naked walking it shows stolen while traveling comes a bankrupt. Dream Interpretation

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