Vision of Durra

Vision of Durra

Vision of Durra of Al zahri Vision of Durra

The Durra, it devolves Bold boy Nafa, Dora saw it flew from his hands it shows on the travel or travel Ghulam his servant.

It felt: that he has spoken to him about Dora, it indicates to do good people Vijb he makes of it.

It felt: that it won the Dora Female marry a virgin.

It felt: Dora came out of the anus or of obtaining it is construed born and speaks the words of evil.

In all, the vision of Dura devolve on four aspects: a man Abed Mojtahd and approved by the Salk and say good and eloquent tongue.

And the vision of bones and feathers and flesh indicates the money and benefit. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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