Vision of dirt

Vision of dirt

Vision of dirt of Al zahri Vision of dirt

 The soil, it construed the money, whether much or little, it is felt in the house dust it shows to get money without fatigue. It was the vision of yellow dust construed in gold and white with silver and black with money.

 It felt: he closed the dirt, it paid him his money.

 It felt: that it is interpreted by the dust obtaining money and told to eat and keeping it informed.

 It felt: that the dust has Vtfkdh found him in something less, the people of his home Ejonnouna.

 It felt: it garnered in the dust bowl and it is construed Bedjarh money for his family.

 It felt: that he intended to knead the dirt, it construed the meaning of the mud.

 It felt: dust may Svah wind from the place it is construed Bgeor the King on the owner of that place and take his money.

 It felt: it eats dust from the soil of the Prophet peace be upon him it is alive and pilgrimage.

 In all, the vision of the dust shall be construed five ways: money and the benefit and the benefit of the world and served by Niswan. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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