Vision of destiny

Vision of destiny

Vision of destiny of Al zahri Vision of destiny

 As much it is construed as ways:

It saw the pots in his house and the people it Mtlaqon, the patient he had his death .

The amount also interpreted the values ​​of the home or its value where all you saw from Zain or Shin construed it to them .

 It felt: sick of eating as much as it is near him.

 It felt: some cooked meat or food where it drives a man to seek the benefit, but did not cook them, the benefit of that is haraam, but not much meat in it cost the poor man does not endure.

And the vision of much pottery construed man shows his grace to people in general and especially its neighbors .

 It felt: he put pot on the fire to cook something, it gets its money from the king and the benefit of as much bone and her childhood.

 It felt: in a pot of meat or food, it shows the total for livelihood without fatigue.

Vision and refraction amount indicates loss of values ​​or value .

 In all, the vision of destiny construed five aspects: a woman and the values ​​of home and the head of the city and the server, and trust in basic needs. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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