Vision of darkness

Vision of darkness

Vision of darkness of Al zahri Vision of darkness

Of the opinion unjust to do is not known Zain weigh it shows in his wrongdoing, and do what people would want it because it was said about it and express deduced.

It felt: that it is unjust improved his dismissal of what is in it.

But felt that his crime has increased transgression was to increase the amount that it is the end and be on the honor Alnwal.

But felt that it is unjust Faúl on three aspects: self-oppression and injustice of others and lack of vigor interests.

It felt: it is an injustice for one particular nail it for the oppressed, as well as if anyone felt that the oppression of the verse, “ear to those who fight because they do wrong, and God the power to the victory.”

It felt: it asks to remove the injustice of it as Fidel oppressed. It was felt that the King of his crime, it can still be referred to as it deserves.

It felt: he got from the king and his entourage injustice against one of the objects it gets him harm them and disobedience.

It felt: it is the injustice of his master for the benefit of, and may be aged.

But felt that it is unjust Universal access are distressed and regret, though oppressed of harmful herewith Universal access and hardship of his master.

Some crossings: I hate the oppressor in a dream vision of the famous and the darkness of injustice, even if a dream construed in any manner whatsoever. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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