Vision of culture and agriculture

Vision of culture and agriculture  

Vision of culture and agriculture of Al zahri Vision of culture and agriculture

 The implant is on the ways:

It is seen growing out of the seed where the sentence is known, and his place was known in his time, it shall be construed in boys Zein, Shin .

 It felt: planted at the site is unknown, has emerged spike and a change in color at the wrong time, it indicates a group cooperating in the dispute.

 It felt: that it is harvested crops construed as loss of the group in the trial.

 It felt: it is grown and planted Ihsdh transferred to the threshing floor and it gets what hope and find what the reward of good work.

 It felt: he walks in the planting harvested it is accompanied by a group of Mujahideen to the invasion.

 It felt: that harvested seed it shows on the war and rivalry.

 It felt: it is harvested barley it shows the good and benefit, and the richness of the year, especially if he was in his time.

 It felt: an accident happened in the implant, such as fire and other it shows for drought in that place, though it gets a transplant harm him from the king.

 It felt: that irrigated planted something it does get its benefit in the religion and the world.

 It felt: that the implant in the middle of a river is not that Mahmoud.

 It felt: Sonbol implant abundance in the land and the animals get it harmful to his crops as much as that, but did not know the harmful Vtkon transplant it back. It was the vision of planting shall devolve in women for the verse, “Your wives are your tillage,” verse. Also, if it saw that it was ere marry a woman.

Vision and culture of his time in Green construed Balrozk and grace in that place, though his was a blessing to him .

 It felt: that his seed, has turned in his time it shows to get his way and reach its destination, albeit at the wrong time, it indicates to get off them or calamity great, and perhaps Del’s behind the sudden death or those who know the culture or has as its seer of his family .

 It felt: that he has a green seed, and dry it shows for a disaster.

 It felt: planted in the land of his flat, a level it shows the richness and the post.

 It felt: that the irrigated water by the tree or trees green it shows closer to the king of that place and other things to him in his kingdom that was eligible for it, though he is not qualified for a blessing after all.

 It felt: that seed harvested at the wrong time for it shows an epidemic disease or great for the people of that place.

 It felt: it reaps the implant in his time it shows compliance with the orders of God and get him all the best from God Baata Zakat.

 It felt: that harvested plants in terms of the sentence, it was acceptable when people Faqpth good, although it is not acceptable Vtobeirh against him.

 It felt: it sows implant it interpreted moral turpitude if commented the no comment afflicted them as much as the sowing and cultivation of wheat work in the pleasure of God and strive to implant in terms of the sentence indicates the jihad, it is felt that planting wheat, it was good which indicate his vision that the face is better than inwardly.

 It felt: it is grown barley Vtobeirh against him.

 As for spike green Fajsb year and land on her leg germinating Jdobh year for meaning in the story of Joseph peace be upon him “seven Snblatt vegetables and other Iabsat.”

 It felt: that the Sultan planting something in his hand and shows Glaúh Sanabel Group in the hand or in a well or a pot of money from infection or other gain knowledge learn and pick up Sanabel transplant if Mbdhura to others afflicted money junction of his companions.

 It felt: as if the transplant is harvested at the time and ears were yellow, it indicates the death of the elderly, although the green on the death of Fidel young people or kill them.

And wheat were seen in Snellha if in bed on a rope woman show .

The planting millet Faúl Brozk by Yemen .

The cultivation of rice is a judgment on the wealth and position .

The cultivation of grain and Vtúl Brozk pool and diligence in the lives of good and Ol otherwise and where it needs to consider the seer and what it is and was a teacher of agriculture and all the old capital of its adoption .

 It felt: many green on earth which does not know the essence of religion and interpreted it to survive, and perhaps interpreted the vision of planting grass on the men or if it is based on his leg.

 It felt: that in place by the planting of the plant or something or eat something from him, it is better and the grace moved from place to place, it travels in the request for a living. It was seen from ground dried green or plowed it affects the good, and perhaps the vision of planting shown on the work of people, the green, they were good works, though not so Vtobeirh against him.

 It felt: that his seed is known in his time it is good in this world and the Hereafter, the lower is the capital of old total gain, and the afterlife is the work of the common name when people are righteous, and may indicate a vision implant if it is in place does not require the implant when the request is an abuse is not good .

As for seeding, it is known construed needed processing and diligence as it gets benefit of the people, and possibly shown to the vision of that confusion Khater, and said if agriculture was good food without cooking it well, and if otherwise Vtobeirh against him. It was felt that the implant does not grow anything on it in three ways: to watts and is said to shame or judgment as it does not get a result .

The planting clover earring is doing it is to grow and get its benefit as a result.

The planting reeds request it from the face of income solution .


Outline the vision of vegetables

 Saw something of vegetables from one sentence in place by the implanted He does not know their names, it shows the General Salah. It was a vision that shows that all that was sweet of them taste it shows the good and beneficial and what was bitter, it demonstrates the evil and harmful.

 It felt: he sells something that demonstrates the sadness of as much as it sold it.

 It felt: he eats them, it construed the disease, distress and bankruptcy.


Outline the vision of pulses

 And the vision of pulses, which is eaten cooked or raw is not good, but whatever is not eaten raw or cooked is adversarial, and if the beans in a dish or the like, it is construed household, as well as if he was in frail or something like.

 It felt: it combines pulses of Alambqlh it in two ways: they are distressed and Neil need. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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