Vision of cow and buffalo

Vision of cow and buffalo

Vision of cow and buffalo of Al zahri Vision of cow and buffalo

Of saw that it was a bull rider on his property it shows for the work by the Sultan and get a blessing because of it, especially if it was black, but yellow, it indicates the disease.

It felt: bull butting Baqrnh and directed from his home, it shows the isolation of his work and obtain as much harmful to the pain that happened to him from the bull gored, but did not get it out of his house indicating it harmful to get his belongings and he shall be condition does not become isolated.

It felt: an increase in the member of the Taurus, it shows for good.

And the vision of money in the world bull meat, skin and flesh of his followers money .

It felt: that the factor may slaughter a bull and a section of flesh, it indicates to kill the worker and the apportionment of the money, although not a factor, it indicates the bull to kill an honest man in that place and divide his money.

It felt: he killed a bull and eat his flesh conquer his neighbor, and it takes money and sad.

It felt: that the slaughter of a bull not operating, it indicates the death of a man modest in that place.

It is it considers that: oxen a lot both male and female of different colors you walk and locked in in that place it testifies to the get the disease in the that year in that place, especially if was the Aajafa, albeit fat they indicate to licenses and Khasab the year.

It is it considers that: that he ere to the ground cow it testifies to the get grace the many.

It felt: that contend with it shows a bull with a man before him any great amount of them thinks that is better.

It felt: a cow is king and the fat, they show grace many in that year, though unknown, they indicate for the grace to the people of that place in that year, though Mhezwlh Vtaoelh Ddh, beef money in that year and her skin shows the ammunition in the money .

It felt: that Ehlebaha and drink of her milk, if a slave aged and marry the daughter of his master, even if he is poor, it do without, though he is rich it is increasingly essential, though dingy becomes dear and have the people that place such as the mention of the seer, and had a calf, it indicates to obtain grace for him and the people of that place in that year.

It felt: that he buys meat fat cow he married in that year a rich woman.

It felt: that he does not drink milk the cow of her milk, it indicates that it combines a lot of money did not come out of it nothing.

It felt: that the cow spoke to him it shows the breadth of living, so that the people astonished him.

It felt: that the cow turns to Him it shows that this year’s blessing on it.

It felt: a cow with him it goes it shows commendable third year.

It felt: that he had signed on the back of a cow, it shows the change year on it.

It felt: it is broken with a cow, it shows a woman scold Mkhasamth long tongue.

It felt: that cow bite or Rvsth it shows betrayal his family with him, and said to beef fat is king dearer to me than Ajavha because the fat years of rich and lean years Jdbh interpretation of the meaning in the story of Joseph peace be upon him “I see seven fat cows he would eat seven lean.” It was said that the elevation of the cow and the money from the solution and the fat of cow woman woman lean solvent and insolvent and green with a devout woman and dairy are good and the benefit of centuries and of a woman protuberance, it felt as if he wanted to milking it Tncz Baqrnha she refuses him.

It felt: one milking cow did not prevent the ureter betrays him in his wife.

It felt: his master a slave milking a cow he married a woman Lady.

It felt: a bull out of the room and then wants to return, it is estimated which did not interpret the word out of the human mouth is intended response could not.

Ibn Sirin said: bulls construed Balagam anything more than fourteen cow Faúl war and it is less so to one Faúl antagonism .

It felt: a bull wolf turned it shows just becomes unjust factor.

In all, the vision of the bull construed five aspects: the king and head of the house and values, mandate and travel. It was of the opinion received good white bull, and butting Baqrnh indicated by the wrath of God Almighty and said to the bull gored construed children of good men.

It felt: a bull came upon it travels away traveling.

It felt: a bull entered his house and there is confidence it possesses him money from the king or his representative.

It felt: he hit the bulls enter that carry it home, it affects the good and fortifies his home and go worry and distress.

It felt: that the slaughter of a bull and a section of flesh, it interpreted the death of an immoral, even if it is construed in the calf a young man.

It felt: it is a thing of the slaughter of cows or bulls on the altar, it is assault on a man and oppress him in himself and his wealth.

It felt: a lot of bulls, cows do not unidentified employers have approached or entered, or it goes out or the subject of it, the colors were not red or zero difference where the disease is located so that position, although the colors are different to the years reported.

It felt: it is a fat cow fertilized years, especially if she is pregnant are told, though I was born was an increase in the more fertile. It was of the view that holds the cow Brnoha or king of the sentence where he married a woman of good character and religion.

It felt: that the passenger cow die and his wife inherited and easily attached so that the benefit to him, and perhaps indicates that concubinage was said and sang as Smonha.

It felt: that he gave a cow to the king of a people it seeks authority to accept the gift was accepted quest, but did not accept Unlike so.

It felt: it brought him beef or milk fat are, or it affects the increase in power and a period in religion, though he was sick lips of God, especially the eating of it, and perhaps Del grease on it.

It felt: it hit the calf had not been informed or gave him a son, and it frequently affects its finest.

It felt: he carried a calf or a wheel or one of them entered his house, it affects them often.

It felt: it came to meat wheel or wheel hit it who has not attained the money and told him to eat.

It felt: he hit a cow testicles or skin infection it is the capital of an honest man.

It felt: it is taken from him none of that Vtobeirh against him.

The buffalo, it is felt that a number of buffalo king, it follows the mandate of the people on the Bruisers that was eligible for it. It was the view of the buffalo, the wait was absent, it offers him his name because the first approach. It was buffaloes and vision he put it out of hand as an expression of the cow.Dream Interpretation in Islam

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