Vision of bread

Vision of bread

Vision of bread of Al zahri Vision of bread

As for bread, it is believed that he had found a loaf or loaves or half a loaf, it indicates the disappearance of grief.

It felt: that he had found half a loaf in an unknown location and wanted to eat as much and it shows near him.

It felt: that he had found half a loaf in place, it shall be construed as the past half-life, especially if his hand.

It felt: that he did not eat much bread, it is up to him to harm his relatives before him, and that eating it will have it for a blessing and a capacity of capital.

It felt: he eats bread, it is very hot they get worried and distressed. It was the vision of eating bread, hot live shows well.

It felt: he eats bread, dig it interpreted fairly and fairness of the King parish.

It felt: he eats bread Khchkara it tight and good to live in debt.

It felt: that eat millet bread, it is construed Benazir Alkhchkar.

It felt: it eats barley bread from it asceticism and conviction.

It felt: he eats bread, rice it shows for hardship and stop things.

It felt: he eats bread, lentils or beans, it shows sadness and poverty.

It felt: he eats bread, thin it is construed with a capacity to live, and perhaps indicated by the Palace of age.

It felt: he commented loaf forehead it needs and lacks and was told not to do with food more than the vision of the loaf if clean soft because money old and the grace of many non-hardship because he finished with fatigue and gets him to affectation and is now a holder Blessed are taken for granted.

It felt: that he gave something to a permit it shows in that place in that year and the other indicates the request of the living.

It felt: that he seeks in the request for bread, it indicates to travel and get the money, especially if any.

It felt: he eats bread Riqaca it shows on the capacity of living.

It felt: he eats bread without Adam it gets sick and dies alone as well.

It felt: it eats Jerdq it would be a compromise in his living, and was told that the baking sheet Palace of age, and perhaps the tortillas from the profit of a little bread.

And told that a man came to Ibn Sirin said: I saw in my hands as if Rakkaktin eat this and you said, this man brings two sisters .

Vision and hard bread and a small profit gain manyDream Interpretation in Islam

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