Vision of biting

Vision of biting

Vision of biting of Al zahri Vision of biting

And biting on objects:

It is believed that anyone bitten with love and affection it shows the increase of his love in his heart, and the bite of anger and hatred, it indicates the risk bestowed in the mission and its proceedings because of the bite.

It felt that a man known to bite it shows for harmful loss of the enemy, though it shows an unidentified man to get harmful.

It felt: that the horse bite it shows a decrease in his honor.

It felt: that a camel bite it shows a man of great harm much.

It felt: that donkey bite, it indicates a bug in Azza.

It felt: that the mule bite it shows in his discomfort.

It felt: that something of the animal bite, whether land or sea birds or not Mahmoud.Dream Interpretation in Islam

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