Vision of anemones

Vision of anemones

Vision of anemones of Al zahri Vision of anemones

The anemones are compassionate, they shall devolve on the three aspects:

It is felt that picking tender, it indicates that it would be compassionate .

It felt: that the sisters cut off in front of him on the ground, it shall devolve Balhqaúq and hardship, and perhaps indicates that the grace of what the last name of Numan, and was told the he saw in his time on his leg is better and benefit, and perhaps get born, and he saw Moktova it shows they are distressed, But if she sees a woman and picked something from him, it construed to divorce her husband.

It felt: that picking something from it and gave it to those in the paper, it is construed Babagh.

It felt: that eating from a bunch it gets to the owner of the land damage as much as picked Either blossom amber it is construed pleased, and he saw in his time it shows pride, and may interpret a woman who is rich in beautiful and saw him in a place which smelled it gets him from pride, praise good, It may be associated with the ratios of women to do so.

It felt: that rip from the ground that it dies of what was attributed to the above.Dream Interpretation in Islam

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