Vision degradation

Vision degradation

Vision degradation of Al zahri Vision degradation

Of the view that the earth is an eclipse, that scourge of the Sultan or drought, locusts or great fear or great misfortune to the verse, “Fajsva it and swallow the earth.”

It felt: that the earth is an eclipse, it was one of the people treated by means of evil The death or travel long feared he should not because of it, although it is good people, it indicates that he marry a woman.

It felt: that the eclipse of land animals and swallowed it shows them you get a disaster.

It felt: that the condominium by an eclipse of the earth and buried so as not to see that almost anything it shows a great patio for people Akaber go until there is no impact to them, as well as the eclipse of trees and palms and Allaah knows best what is right. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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