Vision and Alkhbays Alvalozj

Interpretation of Al zahri



Vision and Alkhbays Alvalozj

 The Alkhbays and similar it Rizk old, and was probably kissing a woman and dry it where money hardship and wet from a difference of opinion, has been criticizing some people because it is yellow and was said to indicate the disease, and was told is a lot of money and the religion of pure and bite him a kiss from a son or a lover, and was told Al Khabeesah nice words in good order the pension, as well as Alvalozj much of it shows the livelihood of many in the strength and the Sultanate of what the fire did not affect them, the fire touched them indicates that it is forbidden or words or the Sultanate.

As for what is placed where it is permissible to Fidel Ahalouae Mileihat Hassan . Dream Interpretation

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