Vision Almqrad

  Vision Almqrad

Vision Almqrad of Al zahri Vision Almqrad

The Almqrad a scissors, it is considered that given a pair of scissors or injury, or his property or bought, if he was born he gets another, even if his son comes to him again, as well as brother and sister and kinship, though his animal hit like her, and so in everything.

It felt: he cut it with scissors something he gains his need.

It felt: it is permissible sofa or poetry or by land and money it collects hair or his words or Ptnjima or tranquility.

It felt: he cut his hair with scissors or nails or garment it is good evidence.

It felt: he was arrested in his hand gave him a pair of scissors or a pair of scissors or bought, if it was born alive and also a son like him, though his son Farozk daughter like her, though not a woman is not born of God Farozkh last brother.

It felt: that the scissors Vlqtin became the ruling is as well.

It felt: it gave him a pair of scissors, the horse was getting his last horse, though he gets his house the other house and everything like him alive.

It felt: it is broken Mqs saw a pair of scissors or broken, the interpretation other than as stated, and was told Almqrad construed Qassam man, perhaps a reformer among the people. It was of the opinion that his hand Mqrada It does not cut it, it stands in antagonism to the judge, and was perhaps indicated by the scissors on the human being distinguishes reunification and walking the interruption of intimacy to the proverbial between the scissors and needle, said scissors spokesman for the case of the needle, because the thing values ​​of many in the price and I object and you You and your value a few raised above the head intact, she said tongue to him, you walk I walk separation and contact.

In all, the vision of scissors construed in three ways: a man and a man of Qassam out of apparent benefit of a friend and OK. Dream Interpretation


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