Violet by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Violet:

In a dream is going great.
and violets and similar herbs evidence of the few women consistency, or short-lived boy, or a lot of diseases. The Violet saw in a dream, with something of the Roses, it indicates intimacy and love.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Violet vision

The Violet saw it growing out of his time in it for the benefit of a woman or by current or kicking a child, though he saw Moktova it shows sadness, and was told if she saw a woman picked Bnevsja of his race and gave it to her husband, it shows her divorce.

It felt: Bnevsja and gave it to his servant, it shows Abagh.

It felt: it gave him a bouquet violet it shows the band, and it was said Violet in progress and captured kissing her. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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