Vinegar by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Vinegar:

Money is in a dream with the devout and the pool and a long life and lack of fun. And pleasure to those who eat bread. Tartar and plopped him money with little benefit, as they. Skrjtah, vinegar and ongoing consequences. If he saw a man drink the vinegar, that indicates the anti-people of his home, to arrest that shows him in the mouth. And drinking vinegar to the prisoner evidence of salvation.
And it was said he was not of vinegar predicate is indicative of the living and the pond, and the disorder it is indicative of the effort in the cause and toil and strive hard.
and perhaps Del vinegar on the imbalance in the wife or child or work, and perhaps indicates that the security of fear, and ward off harm and enemies.
and perhaps indicated by the worship and carry Mchagaha.
and perhaps Del vinegar vinegar to a friend.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Vinegar: (Servant) In a dream, vinegar means money that is earned and spent in piety with blessings contained therein, or it could mean longevity, or wasting the least time possible in doing one’s work. Vinegar sediments in a dream represent ignoble or evil money that carries meager benefits, or which is deemed shoddy. In a dream, vinegar and its container represent a servant and her dwellings. Drinking vinegar in a dream means enmity with one’s household, or it could mean a family quarrel. As for a prisoner, drinking vinegar in a dream means his release from prison. Good vinegar in a dream means income and blessings, though when rarefied or stale, it means struggling to earn one’s livelihood. It also means toiling to make ends meet, or it could mean hardships. Vinegar in a dream also may mean marital problems, difficulties with one’s children, or a conflict at work. Vinegar in a dream also represents one’s bosom friend. To water one’s garden with vinegar in a dream means sleeping with one’s mother

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of vinegar

Of the opinion that eating vinegar with money, which it construed to be the good and the pool and eat it too good for saying peace be upon him: Yes Aladam vinegar, and was told if the acidity of vinegar plus it shows distress and hostility.

And the vision of vinegar Rizk old student and things get what he means and resolve the contract to derive his name, especially those who had used or collected .

It felt: he eats bread vinegar it shows longevity and strengthen it.

It felt: that eating vinegar with honey it is construed Ptkhalath worry and joy.

And the vision of all the works which add to the acidity of the vinegar unless it is construed by the sweetness of patience and sadness, but if the pickles plus the sweetness of something not quite a Mahmoud, God knows . Dream Interpretation in Islam

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