Velours by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Velours:

Are in the money and the thrill of a dream with a bed, or livelihood Hene.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision and Velours Maajn sugar

The Velours, it is believed that he gave any of them, plus its sugar and almonds good word of it, especially if eating them, and the plentiful inclined and grace as much as what he saw. It was the vision of eating Velours devolve on four aspects: good words nice and old money and the benefit of grace and without fatigue.

And the vision of its kind and pastry expression means and what not where it is without sugar .

In all, the vision Almaajn used, whether sugar or honey, or other it may rule on the following in detail.

It felt: it makes a paste for his illness, it works pursuant to obtain the gain and the living that gave something for the people it gets them the benefit of this if the welfare of. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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