worm by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi the worm:

Are in a dream girl. The worms in the abdomen are the children of man eat from his wealth.
It felt worms came out of his anus understand his grandchildren.
It felt as if the worm comes out of his mouth, the members of his household want to Akhaddauh and Imkroa him and he knows that and survive their cunning.
It felt that the worms come out of his stomach without doing it away from people who are evil, and so have the honor and purity. And exit of worms from the body to go them, as well as the pus out if it is the demise of them. The parents of the enemy worms. And silkworms parish Sultan, and said: silkworm merchant customer, and saw nothing of the money received. It was said that silkworms indicates haraam wealth. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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