board the board by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi the board

See the board saved in a dream proof jacket and the gospel who is in distress, and well anyone who is sick because it is far above shortcomings, keep to the filed of God, saved into God. Shows seen on a living for people with too little of what God made ​​it from the Department of livelihoods and determine the term inevitable. Shows his vision of science and to save money for his family.
and perhaps indicates that the security of fear. Panels revealed to Moses, peace be upon him in a dream show to see the witnesses or the imams of guidance for them.The board of wood that is written on D on the wife and children and the earth, and demonstrates the science to the applicant. Panels and all evidence of the Prevention of sins.
It felt that he had taken a board of Imam Sultan receive it accordingly and lead. And the board if it was an iron world was born with a good strong vice does not endure, if it is polished Ciloa be brave obtain what we wish. Though the board was born from a stone, it callous. Though the board of copper, it would be a hypocrite and a son.Though it be the lead and things effeminate boy. And the board shows the woman, or child. The board and the sermon, and if the board is the power of the Sultan who took him in a dream. And the board for a pregnant woman was born male.

meanings by Al ahsaai

 See the board

It felt the board saved it shows the behind to get science and the Koran and wisdom, the saw a small dingy is indicated by the fact that if the seer pink and saw his name written which is indicated near him and the vision of the board who learns the boys shall devolve on the six aspects of principality and was born and the world, guidance and access is learnedDream Interpretation in Islam

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