Surgery by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Surgery:

Of a dream that he saw the wound in his body, it becomes the capital. The wound in his right hand he Istvidh money from nearly his men, and the wound in his left hand the money that will benefit, from about his women. The wound in his left leg, his final abode of the plowing and planting, the wound in the heel is the money to become of his son. If he is wounded by him and asked him the blood we have, and spent the expense of the discomfort.
It felt that the wounds his body fresh blood comes out of it is harmful to its owner in the capital and the words. He was wounded in the head and had a capital Fleihtfez it.But felt that he was not injured Wiesel from the blood, it may become a preferred supervised him. It wounded him and asked him the blood, it becomes clear effect of money on it. The Sultan saw the wound in his head as if he felt the death of his peers. The shattered bones Fahzm his army and weaken his presidency. The wound in his left hand became militarization doubled. The wound in his right hand in his hand what IOS doubled. The wound in his stomach became his wardrobe money doubled.The wound in the thigh doubled his clan, though wounded in the legs doubled his age.The wound in his feet increased stability in his kingdom. The wound was a man and cut its members and its teams, the batsman dominate the milled tongue right. The wound and went out of Elmejrouh the blood of the batsman sin and rewarded milled Thus, the smudging batsman with his own blood it receives a sin and money is haraam, as far as smearing of its blood.
and saw that it was wounded infidel, it overpowers the enemy of his apparent hostility, and says the right, and obtain money from him as far as the blood, the blood of the infidel and that the believer is halal. The man saw his wound, the blood did not come out of it, it says in the Elmejrouh word does not really have an answer. And if he sees that he is wounded, and left the blood, the Igtabh including incredible him.
and saw that it was injured with a knife or something of the iron appears corrupt, no good in it.
It felt as if in some members of his body, surgery, the expression in which the member you are surgery, the was in the chest or heart, they in the young, and young girls show love, and in the Senate and the elderly show grief. Even though in the thumb of the right hand, they indicate the religion of the knee, and instrument written on it.
It is believed that the king of the angels had his wound with his sword his stomach as if he had died, there would be a surgeon and an ulcer and then discharged them.
and saw that it was a wound in his neck hit the money on the heel.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Surgery: Surgery in a dream represents the real limb which is operated on in one’s dream. If a young man or a young woman see themselves having an operation where their chest is opened, or having an open heart surgery for example in a dream, it means that they are in love. As for elderly people, it means distress. Having a minor surgery on the thumb in a dream means signing a loan. (Also see Body’; Chest) Dream Interpretation in Islam

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