sugar :

sugar :

sugar : by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi sugar :

Is in a dream indicates the joys and the healing of diseases and the disappearance of worries and hopes Aloncad and achievement. Indicates that the wife was great Maliha. The boy was indicated by the solemn smart scientist involved with art in all his art. The money was indicated by the lawful and good. The flag was indicated by the sound of heresy. And sugar indicates the money. Alskrp and one kiss from a loved one or child. And sugar shows a lot of fighting and gossip. Ibn Sirin said Almighty God’s mercy: no good in the sale of sugar. The sugar plant shows sincerity in speech and action, and perhaps indicated by the increase of diseases and cure them, and perhaps indicates that the vulva and living on the plant or the descent of the country. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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